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Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking? What are they feeling emotionally or physically? What happened in their past? If they could talk, what would they say?



Animal Communication is the exchange of  non-verbal messages with an animal through thoughts. It is often  described as a form of intuition.  Animals communicate intuitively with  each other and us all of the time. 

 When communicating with an animal,   Messages are received through a combination of emotions, feelings,  physical sensations and images - like a movie. It is not necessary to be  in the same room or looking at the animal to communicate with them.  By  just a picture or description of the animal, who they belong to and a  geographic location. Every animal is an individual with their own personality, just like people. Most communications are done long distance.    


This ability is not a gift of few individuals. We are all born with the capability to communicate  non-verbally, but as we learn to interact through speech and writing and  are told to ignore this intuition, we loose this skill. The reason I teach classes is to help people re-learn this language & have a closer bond with their pet. 

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