About Nancy

Animal Communicator and Animal Lover

Nancy has re-learned this language and can  “hear” the messages they are sending. She has been communicating with  animals for over 25 years and has helped many people and their animals  with a variety of problems.   

I have always loved and felt a connection with animals.  I would look into their eyes and feel their love and intelligence.  When I was 18, I met an animal communicator named Beatrice Lydecker.  I took some weekend animal communication classes and was amazed when I could describe the yards and houses of the people who had their dogs there.  The pictures were coming straight from the animals!  I started practicing with all sorts of animals.  After years of communicating with friends' animals, I wanted to help people on a larger scale.  I studied with Carol Gurney  and then with Marta Williams.  I felt it was important to learn detailed techniques and further skills so that I may help people and their animals at a higher level.  I feel there is a responsibility that comes with this profession.